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Client Interview Form

About This Form (Please Read)

This form represents the tool from which I craft your business plan and proposal. Information withheld, not included, or ignored only serves to lessen the quality of the work.

The more specific you can be here, the more specific I can be in the accuracy of your proposal and strength of your business/marketing plan.

The more information you provide here, the more powerfully I can build for you.

I reserve the right to fire any client (with immediate refund) that refuses to include the information needed to complete their project. The only thing that I care about is providing you with the highest quality of service.

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Where in your business are you? (Do you already have product you want to sell? Lead generation system? Do you have an offline brand? Website?)

Please describe exactly what you are looking for your business to do. (What is the main aspect of your business you would like to focus on? Business consulting? Motivational Speaking? Digital Sales? What is your bread and butter? What do you sell?)

Can you describe your Brand? (What does your brand look like? Represent? Also 3 words that represent your brand/what you want to create?)

Please Describe Your Product/Service/Offer In Detail* (Please include any special names/titles):

Please Include Links To Your Product/Service/Offering Here:

Can you tell me what your ideal client looks like? (How old are they? Where do they live? What magazines, newspapers or websites do they read? What is their economic status? What is their income level? What types of problems do they have? Etc.)

What Problems Does Your Product/services Fix? (The More The Better):

What Does Your Product/service Offer That Others Similar To Yours Don't? (What Is Your USP? (Unique Selling Position))

Does Your Product Or Service Have Any Specific Claims That It Is Trying To Make?

Please Provide Evidence For Those Claims Here:

Do You Plan Including Any Special Offers with your product/service? (Free Bonus - Coupon - Etc.) What Is It?

Do You Have Any Of The Following: warranties, guarantees, testimonials, awards, history, past work, achievements? If So, Please Include Them In This Section:

Do You Have Examples Of websites That Your Competitors Made That You Liked? Please Share Here:

What Is The Price Of Your Product Or Service? (Do you have multiple products? Premium services?)

What is the value of a new client to you? (Do you already have an understanding of your CPA? (Cost Per Acquisition) or your LCV? (Lifetime Customer Value))

What is your number one priority for this business unit during this year? (And then list the next 4 priorities on that list)

What do you believe needs to be strengthened or created in order to achieve this?

What options have you looked at to achieve this?

Is there anything you do that may be getting in the way of achieving this result?

How much time can you realistically dedicate to the creation of this business?

Are you someone who likes to learn/do things yourself or do you prefer to pay others to do things/tasks for you?
Do It MyselfPay Someone To Do it

What is your estimated budget for this project?

What is your timeframe for reaching your goals?

What is the main reason you wanted to work with my company & I?

How do you see me being able to help build your brand and business? (What are your expectations of me in this project?)

How soon are you looking to start?

Not Required - But Incredibly Helpful Information

Tell Me About Yourself:

How Did You Come To Create (or want to create) This Product/Service/Offering (What Was Your Inspiration)?

What Do You Hope That This Product/Service/Offering Does For People?

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